River Foyle Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Couple out Canoeing on River Foyle


PRICE:From £40-80 per person depending on group size


  • Guided Day  tour
  • Everything you will need to get out on the water including board & paddle, wetsuit, water-shoes and a buoyancy aid.
  • Public liability insurance
  • Seafood lunch from Pyke N’ Pommes




River Foyle, Derry~Londonderry


Please book online via the Far and Wild website: www.farandwild.org. For further information please contact Far & Wild by email: hello@farandwild.co.uk or call +447775911198

The first and only historic city tour using Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) in Ireland! We offer a completely unique and stress-free take on seeing a city. Stand Up Paddle Boards come to Derry-Londonderry with the City Paddle Boards tour. It is a perfect way to experience the historic city from a completely relaxing perspective. Our Slow Adventure tour is a superb way to unwind. Catch top tips on the sweet art of SUP on the way.

The activity is suitable for individuals or small groups up to 10 people aged 16 yrs and above. Of course the tidal estuary of the famous Feabhail (pronounced fyauil) or Foyle River flows through the city. To the north is the Atlantic Ocean and to the south, the heart of Donegal in historic Ulster. Your tour goes upstream or down with the flowing tide. We provide all the gear you require for this tour. We even arrange for you to change into our wetsuit in your hotel accommodation if city-centre based.
Take a 5 minute walk from the city centre to the river’s edge. Take a 2 minute taxi ride back. Contact us in advance to arrange a shuttle service or hotel changing into and out of your wet-suit! Once on the water, you notice the silence immediately. Calmness emanates from the blue-way through the city. Paddle Boards are an ideal platform to experience this hush. You view nature up close in the middle of the urban centre. Special twist: Take the Paddle Boards tour at night and experience the calmness of the city from a truly unique perspective.


Suitable to everyone over the age of 16 with a moderate level of fitness.

Swimwear, towel, small bottle water, personal medication (inhaler)


Far & Wild- Lawrence McBride
St Columbs Park House, 4 Limavady Rd, Derry, BT47 6JY
Phone: 077 7591 1198
Email: hello@farandwild.co.uk