Food and Mindfulness Tour

Group out on Nature Walk picking and smelling flowers


PRICE: £90 per person


  • 1 day adventure
  • Guided Foraging walk & morning tea & scones (10am-12am)
  • Includes a farmhouse lunch at Bradkeel Farm (12am-1pm)
  • Guided Mindfulness walk (1pm-3pm)



Located the wild natural landscape of the Sperrin Mountains


Bradkeel Farm & Butterlope Farm


To book please contact Annie: 028 8164 7749 or Mabel: 078 8904 2991

A chance to slip into a slower gear as you escape the hustle & bustle of the daily life and spend the day connecting with wild spaces within the Sperrin Mountains.

Starting your day at Butterlope Farm you will be welcomed by Annie a local expert in the flora of the area. Visit the vegetable garden and enjoy tea, scones and foraged jams before heading out on a forage walk. As you take in the views of the amazing Glenga Valley, Annie will lead you along ancient hedgerows and dry stone walls. The forage walk will look at the historical and medicinal uses of plants and consider plants that can be picked as ‘Food for Free’. Also, learn how to recognise the archaeological features of the upland Sperrins landscape.

Continue your adventure where you can enjoy a delicious lunch farmhouse lunch with organic produce from both farms and foraged treats from the landscape. Following lunch, you will be guided by Mabel on a Mindfulness & connecting to nature walk through the lush green fields of the farm to Bradkeel Forest. Learn how to use nature in a creative way so that it can improve your mood, health and well-being. As you walk Mabel will invite you to slow things down, to breathe in the fresh air, to listen, to observe and touch nature, be silent, quieten your mind, reflect and be present in the Now. On leaving you will feel refreshed, a sense of peace, calm, appreciative and more aware.


Maximum 15
Sturdy Footwear required (Hiking boots preferable) and appropriate outdoor clothing including raincoats.
Participants with a moderate level of fitness. Dietary requirements or allergies should be declared at booking.


Bradkeel Farm- Mabel Campbell
58 Glenelly Rd, Plumbridge, Omagh, BT79 8BN
Phone: 078 8904 2991

Butterlope Farm- Annie Mullan
20 Bradkeel Rd, Plumbridge, Omagh, BT79 8BJ
Phone: 028 8164 7749